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RESCUE partner

Join the frontlines, rescuing individuals trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking so they may find freedom and begin walking out God’s purpose for their lives. 

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When we talk about RESCUE, we are referring to the act of helping people get out of circumstances or situations that they are unable to get out of on their own. It first requires the desire of the person to leave the circumstance or situation, and then we partner with them in the process of leaving. It is not a patronizing or disempowering act, but instead honors the strength and courage of individuals by helping them fulfill the choices they have made. 


When we say RESCUE we mean that a person of immeasurable value accepted an opportunity for life, hope, love, and safety. And that is worth celebrating!

Becoming a RESCUE Partner is a special kind of investment. By giving monthly you’re committing to ensure that women who are being sexually exploited are continually being reached right where they are, told of their inherent value and shown a path towards freedom. 



Frontline work of street outreach, a drop-in center and jail ministry

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Emergency Housing

Stability through a 24/7 hotline, rescue team and an emergency safe home

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Education of the community and healthcare workers about what human trafficking looks like and what they can do

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What you’ll get if you become a



RESCUE partner

  • A text within 24-48 hours every time we get a rescue

  • Behind-the-scenes access of the impact you’re making through a quarterly report showing the progress of ongoing programs

  • Early access to Out of Darkness events, campaigns, and projects

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Become a RESCUE parter

A monthly gift of $25 could ensure that  individuals trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking can find freedom and begin walking out God’s purpose for their lives.

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