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Princess Night

During our street outreach, we go to areas of Columbus known for street prostitution to give women roses and handwritten cards of encouragement with our hotline number, showing them their value through the eyes of Christ. 

Drop-In Center

Our drop-in center is located near one of our outreach areas and is open multiple days per week.  Women can stop by to receive resources of food and clothing, connect to needed services, and participate in activities designed to strengthen and encourage.

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Jail Pen Pal and Mentorship

Our Jail program connects women in jail with an Out of Darkness pen pal or mentor. We provide support, comfort, and relationship through written letters or one-on-one interaction, encouraging women to call our hotline for ongoing services upon release.



The Out of Darkness rescue hotline is the bridge between outreach and emergency housing. We are available to receive calls 24 hours a day. 

Rescue Team

Once a call comes to our hotline and a rescue team is requested, we coordinate to pick the woman up and transport her to the safe home.

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Safe Home

At our Safe Home, residents stay an average of 2-4 weeks while attending medical and psychiatric appointments, participating in group therapy and skills-building classes, and applying for long-term programs. The Safe Home is located at an undisclosed location and accepts emergency intakes around the clock.



Through our ambassador program we connect with the community, churches, businesses, friends & family to tell them about the realities of human trafficking and way they can join the fight. 


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