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Everyday women are sold for sex, right here, in our city. Out of Darkness is working to reach, rescue, and restore women, right here in Central Ohio. With your gift you can make a difference. You can provide hope for countless women.

Monica and her sister, Mya, share stories of how time after time men have used and abused them. In their mind, and experience, that’s just what men do, it’s to be expected.

Monica was raped a few months ago. She went to the authorities and they told her to find a new “profession”.

We have been connecting with the sisters for over a year on our weekly street outreach, Princess Night, able to give them a rose and card of encouragement. Monica has kept every card she has received on Princess Night.


Earlier this month we opened a drop-in center off Parsons Ave. Monica and Mya were able to come enjoy a home cooked meal, family style, around a big table while we talked about our weird food combination and how much we love mashed potatoes.


Before they left they were able to "shop" for new shoes, clothes and toiletries. Monica had shared with us on Princess Night some of her needs and as she stood in that room, collecting some essential items that we take for granted, she said “You listened to me. You got everything I said I needed”.

Early 2018 we will be opening a fully staffed, emergency safe home. As we continue to pray and pour into Monica and Mya while they are still in the life we hope that they will be ready when they doors to our safe house open. A safe place where they can find rest and healing, where they can begin to dream again.


Our fear….. Is that they won’t make it till then. Our fear is that their heroin addiction or an encounter with the wrong person on the street will take their life before our doors open.


Would you consider partnering with us as we work to reach, rescue and restore women in Central Ohio. Your gift puts us one step closer to opening the doors to the safe house early next year. But we need you!

When the ladies that we meet make the decision to risk leaving the life and make the call to the hotline, you are providing a safe place for them to go to, to find peace and rest. A place where they can overcome their addictions, as we work with them to get into a long term program where they can receive counseling for their deeply rooted trauma and the life skills to help them be successful.


Your gift is not just helping Monica and Mya and many others who share the same life, but you’re changing a generation. Through your gift, chains are being broken and generational bondage is being put to an end, once and for all. Monica’s three children will get their mother back, and she will be able to share all that life has to offer them.

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